Roborock® S8+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Sonic Mopping with Auto-Emptying, 6000 Pa, and Obstacle Avoidance

Roborock® S8+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Sonic Mopping with Auto-Emptying, 6000 Pa, and Obstacle Avoidance

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Free up your time with Roborock S8+ . equipped with the latest DuoRoller™ Brush and VibraRise® Mopping System for advanced cleaning and strong suction power.

Handles Your Dirty Work

After cleaning . the robot vacuum automatically empties itself into the 2.5L dust bag . storing up to 7 weeks* of dirt and dust without manual intervention . keeping you stay away from dirty work for longer.
*Actual emptying interval will depend on use habits and environmental factors.

[Reactive 3D Obstacle Avoidance]

Using dual-line structured light technology . it achieves millimeter-level perception accuracy and precise obstacle avoidance.*
--Able to distinguish between 10 different object categories . including rolling socks . balls . crossbar/U-shaped chairs . bases . sockets . pet feces . dustpans . garments . weighing scales . and shoes.
*Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer . S8+ can see and bypass objects down to as small as 5cm wide . and 3cm tall. Recognition accuracy may vary depending on environmental factors.

[DuoRoller™ Brush]

The all-new dual rubber brushes enhance vacuuming and ensure fewer hair tangles . taking hands-free cleaning to the next level. From hardwood to tiles . and even carpets and rugs . hair and dirt are easily swept away.

[6000Pa¹ HyperForce Suction Power]

The suction power has been further enhanced . resulting in superior cleaning performance and increased efficiency. Even the tiniest dust particles can now be effortlessly removed.

[Mop with the Power of Sound²]

Discover the power of sonic vibration technology that constantly cleans floors under pressure . leaving them spotless.
--3000 times/min High-speed Scrubbing²
--> 6N Mop Pressure³

Level Up Your Carpet Cleaning

[VibraRise® Mopping System* & Carpet Boost+ System]

--Upgrade your cleaning game with Intelligent Mop lifting that allows for customized cleaning. Effortlessly vacuum and mop in one go for maximum efficiency.
--Say goodbye to pet hair and bread crumbs on your carpets with the Roborock Carpet Boost+ system . designed to leave your carpets looking clean and mess-free.
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